Cash genies are businesses local to you. They offer you a friendly and convenient way to raise much needed cash for all the unwanted items you keep in your loft, your garage and any other place you can clog up with clutter.
  Many of us simply don't have the time to spend hours on end selling our goods on line or at car boot sales, if we do we are often insulted with silly offers or buyers not paying. No one enjoys countless strangers calling at our homes, we take away all of the worry and all of the hassle, cash genies are convenient and safe.
   Cash genies sell your items in the most profitable place, they use all different types of selling formats.
They have no huge overheads like high street chains or Internet buying companies, so you will obtain a far better price for your goods
   All cash genies carry photo id, before you call them you can view them on line so you know who will be calling at your house. Cash genies will inspect your items with you, any functional items will be tested in your presence, cosmetic appearance will be checked on all items. Our unique seller agreement will help raise the best possible price for each of your items, it protects you the seller, us the vendor and also the buying customer. You the seller will have no contact with the buying customers, we call at your home, we collect your items, we sell them and pay you cash.
   To view the  example documents all genies must provide for your security, click the link. Items_for_sale_record . and item description record If for any reason your local genie should not provide photo id along with our trading documents, we simply ask you to decline them. Our trading documents are there for your protection and assurance of a pleasant and fair transaction.

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Cash genies are a nationwide network of independent small business, they combine together to offer a buying and selling service that is second to none.
   For the seller we offer convenience that no others offer, we can call and collect your items, or if you prefer you can drop off locally. By keeping our traders independent, you receive a friendly, local service, they retain pride in their work because it is their business.
   For the buyer we offer a truly unbiased
assessment of items before they are offered for sale, if buying on line you can be certain the item you receive will be as it was described, it will always be dispatched within 24 hours of payment by courier delivery, some items may be offered for collection.
   All cash genies are required to operate to our high standards, CASH GENIE STANDARDS our buying or selling agreements ensure a pleasant and smooth transaction for all concerned. We are here to remove the hassle from pre owned item trading, in the event of any problems arising, we are the ones who will remedy them quickly. There is an on line service we ask all customers to complete, this allows us to maintain high standards with all cash genies, the on line service will also register your sale or your purchase, enabling us to offer seller and buyer protection.
   We want our name to represent excellent service with value for money for all who use us.
   The next time you need to raise cash, clear out the loft, or just simply have something to sell, why not give us a try? We may just surprise you with how much we can raise for your goods.
We are coming to an area local to you.

Now you can finally buy used goods with the  assurance they have been independently inspected before they are offered for sale. If you are buying on line, either in auction format or from a cash genies website, you can be assured that the item you are purchasing will be truthfully described. Cash genies will allow collection of your purchase, or they will dispatch them by courier, well packaged. within 24hrs of payment from you. Delivery will be at cost price with a nominal fee added for packaging, for added security all items will be recorded delivery, postage prices for each item will be clearly displayed.
   Items that carry a manufacturers warranty will be clearly stated, functional goods will all be tested in the presence of the owner so any faults that may be present can clearly be identified. Our unique seller agreement provides a detailed description of any faults or cosmetic blemishes if present, no matter how small or minor, so you the customer know exactly what you are buying.
   All items are certified to be the owners' to sell, they will be free from any contract or hire purchase agreement.
   If you experience any difficulty with buying an item from a genie, please contact us immediately, we will endeavour to rectify any problem quickly and amicably
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We would also greatly appreciate any positive comments you may have regarding your purchase or service.. praise a genie

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